A Drive into the Gap

Aug 12, 2012 •

Stay with me for a moment, there’s a little bit of background here.

If you haven’t heard of Field Notes notebooks you should check them out. They’re well designed, made in America, and are great for taking any kind of notes, they’re tagline is:

I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.

Four times a year they release a special version of their basic notebook, for instance a red one recognizing fire spotters and a winter one. Sometimes they even just release a random type.

The summer release this year is a baseball themed pack of three called Day Game. Each of them is a different color: ‘Outfield Green’ book, ‘Infield Brown’, and ‘Hardball White.’ But the most special thing about the pack is that it comes with a book: A Drive into the Gap.

And now, with the background out of the way, we come to the point of my writing.

A Drive into the Gap is an awesome story, for a baseball fan of any kind, and really for anyone who likes a good story, the book is a quick but engaging read. The author, Kevin Guilfoile, had the amazing opportunity to grow up in a family with a front row seat to some of the greatest players in baseball history since his dad was a PR executive for the Pittsburgh Pirates and then worked for the Baseball Hall of Fame. I don’t want to ruin the story for you, because at only $6.95 for the book itself there really isn’t a good reason not to give it a try, and if you take notes, you might as well get the book as part of the Day Game pack and get some awesome notebooks as well.

If you’re not a baseball fan… you should read this book. If you’re not a fan of reading books in general… you should still read this book. Its not written quite like most books (Chapter 8 is one paragraph on one page, and Chapter 10 is even shorter - 4 sentences) and Guilfoile did a superb job of creating some mystery and suspense. You may think I’m crazy to say this, but it really is a page turner.

I would give you an excerpt here to read, but there are excerpts at Field Notes and the first chapter is available to read on the books website: so you should really go to both of those sites to check it out.