DNA as a data storage medium →

Aug 17, 2012 •

Speaking of science, how about some science fiction which is now a reality. Using DNA as a storage format. Not only is it competitive with any other storage technology as far as density (as I understand it that refers to how much information can be crammed into the space), but:

if properly stored, it can be stable for centuries and even millennia, which is as good as most books and better than most digital storage media.

Talk about preserving memories… lolcats FOREVERS!

On a more serious note, I’ve read Ars Technica articles for a long time as I came across them, but never really noticed how great they consistently are. In the last week or two thats changed and I’ve noticed the high number of long form articles on interesting subjects that are very well written.

Check ‘em out, I subscribe to their RSS feed, but the website is great too.