Why I love sports: Baseball

May 20, 2013 •

I’m an obssessive sports fan - not exactly shocking news to those who know me personally (or are a friend on Facebook). As I struggle with what I want and am able to write about it would be ridiculous for me NOT to write about sports, and I have a few pieces that I’m working on slowly but surely. In the meantime I’ve decided to post random facts/things I notice or learn that are examples of what I love about sports.

The first is a nugget that I learned from Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns. The Star-Spangled Banner didn’t become the national anthem until 1931, but was played during baseball games as early as 1898. During the 1918 World Series it was played during the 7th-Inning stretch and it was so well received by the players and fans that they did it in every game after, although it wasn’t played before EVERY game until World War II.

The random thing I love about baseball? The sheer volume of history it has and how intertwined it is with the history of our country.