Dave Grohl - Walk & The Pretender

Jun 05, 2013 •

Proof that good songs and great artists don’t need big amps and high production value to sound good. Lately I’ve been trying to spend more time writing songs on acoustic guitar, that way I don’t end up relying on distortion or delay too much and focus more on melody and rhythm. In that vein, this video also reminded me of something the vocalist from Bad Religion said in an interview with Nic Harcourt for GuitarCenter Sessions:

If you can strip a song down to a simple melody line that you can play on an acoustic piano or acoustic guitar and it still sounds good, you have a good song.

What I think is most impressive about this performance is that these were two songs Dave admits he hasn’t done on acoustic, and isn’t even sure they’ll sound good that way… but they do, and more importantly he’s confident and secure enough to try.