I am a master

Nov 28, 2013 •


I think that I’ve learned something about myself this week: I am never more productive overall then when I’m procrastinating on a specific task. There are at least a half dozen blog posts I’ve been meaning to write and probably twice as many songs that have been bouncing around in my head and sneaking out of me anytime I wander past my guitar with a minute or two to spare. So of course in the last week INSTEAD of writing those blog posts or songs I have accomplished the following:

and probably some other stuff, which while useful in the long run (or maybe not…) was not the kind of productivity that I really should’ve been aiming for.

While keeping up with my RSS feeds however I did come across an interesting article. One which has been the catalyst for at the very least writing this post and I hope writing several more1 and several songs. It’s called “The Song Game2 and its an invite only email list of songwriter’s (including some very famous ones) who write and share a new song with each other each week. The goal is to force productivity by being accountable to each other. While I don’t really have a group that I can initiate a weekly song (yet) I can use this website and my social networks in an attempt to stay accountable. It would probably be crazy to say that I’m going to write a new song EVERY week, thats too likely to set myself up for failure and excuses, since obviously I’ll someday fail. With that said - I am committing to posting a new song here next friday by 7:00 PM Pacific. It may be a youtube link, it may be an embedded soundcloud recording, it may be acoustic based, possibly electric, it may be just guitars, but it will be new and it will have lyrics/vocals.

Now, I’ve already begun thinking of all the excuses I may make (and answers for them), so I want to get them out of the way now:

I’m sure I’ll have other excuses, but for now there shouldn’t be any reason why I can’t create at least one new song this week. And if I succeed, maybe then I can tackle the week after.

  1. at least kaitlyn’s birth story, a product review, and some thoughts on kickstarter projects

  2. I wish that I could give credit to whomever posted the link to this, but it took me 15 - 20 min just to find the link itself searching online after giving up trying to find it in my feed reader or via the daily email newsletters I receive. test